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Expolux s.r.o. es una empresa innovadora y multilingüe con más de 10 años de experiencia mundial en el ámbito de exposiciones y diseño de interiores. Firmamente creemos en el enfoque en la comunicación abierta, basada en la fiabilidad y la confianza absoluta manteniendo siempre los servicios de alta calidad. Gracias a nuestra filosofía “Una llamada lo hace todo” nuestros clientes ahorran tiempo y tienen garantizados los resultados excepcionales.





We do a lot of trade shows with different co-exhibitors and the partnership with Expolux has been the best yet. Working with Lucie is a great pleasure. She’s always fair and trying find a way to keep costs in check, but to get the most out of the stand. Communication has always been honest and easy. She adapts her work quickly to the needs of the customer and makes sure that you’re informed about the progress and next steps. This was by far the best I have slept before trade shows, knowing everything is under control.

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Liza Kapageridou
Head of Business Development

Massive thanks – Goal achieved!
Given a reasonable budget to work with, Expolux raised our brand to a new level. With personal, fast, efficient all round service and exceptional design… Well done! A recommendation to everyone!

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Ian Duff

It’s really reassuring to work with Expolux.
Expolux is really reliable, always sincere and makes the best results through exactly understanding.
They take pride in their work and know how to satisfy their customers.
I hope to keep a deep relationship with them and become a good strategic partner in the future.

President Rex Yu
MtoM Design Group Co., Ltd.

It is always pleasure working with you and your team for our projects in Prague. It has been 2 continual years that we have been working together and we will definitely looking for more in coming years. You have been very responsive to the queries and emails from me which is the most important for me to handle my projects promptly. Furthermore, the price is competitive or can be discuss if it is not in order for us to win the projects together. I am very happy to work with you so far, finger crossed.

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Peggy Chieng

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